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User Perspective

Here are several causes that make our App worth paying attention to

  • Worldwide Access

    You will find worldwide upcoming Conferences, Seminars & Workshop related to your research area. You will also get Notification on submission of Conference related with you.

  • Your Action

    You can access the details like venue, dates, organiser of that event. Even you can ask any query direct to the organiser.

  • PSD Is Included

    The graphic source file in PSD format is included in the archive.

Organiser Perspective

  • Worldwide Access

    When you Submit any Conferences, Seminars & Workshop, Push Notification will send to all the users who added that category in their interest.

  • Stunning flexibility

    The given template is armed with the number of settings, so you can easily adapt it according to you requirements.

  • Step on the New Level

    Innovative solutions and simple mathematically calculated design make it actual for a long time.


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